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Top Rated Fulfillment Center for eCommerce Brands

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"I trust PackYak with all our order fulfillment needs. These folks are the real deal."

Nico Dicou
Toasty Touch

"Innovative, supportive, intelligent, and responsive."

John Ackerman
Nightingale College

Get Your Custom Fulfillment Center Pricing Now

Transparent, Custom Order Fulfillment Pricing from our Experienced Reps.

PackYak Order Fulfillment Solutions 

Getting Started is Simple: Here's How it Works

Integrate your sales channels with PackYak's warehouse management software.


PackYak receives your products & stores them in a secure fulfillment warehouse.


Ship your eCommerce products to PackYak directly from your supplier.


PackYak manages your eCommerce orders and picks & packs products.


PackYak fulfills orders same-day & ships to your customers!

Reliable eCommerce Fulfillment Services to Help You Succeed

Seamless order fulfillment, one-click integrations, and instant customer service - just a few reasons to move your order fulfillment operations to PackYak.

Order Fulfillment Yak

Order Fulfillment

PackYak Picks & Packs! Utilize our full suite of fulfillment center services to meet all of your eCommerce business's needs. 

Shopify Integration Support Yak

Fast & Easy Integrations

Our integration process is fast & simple - we help you get set up so that your orders & inventory sync flawlessly with our fulfillment centers. 

Fast Fulfillment Yak

Instant Client Support

Every PackYak partner gets a dedicated Slack messaging channel with direct access to your fulfillment center specialist.

East & West Coast Fulfillment Centers for Faster Delivery Times

Our multi-location fulfillment centers help you achieve the fastest possible transit times for your orders.  Save tons of money on shipping costs while simultaneously getting orders to customers faster than ever before by distributing your inventory across our multiple locations.

East Coast Order Fulfillment

PackYak Cincinatti Map

West Coast Order Fulfillment

Salt Lake City PackYak Map

PackYak Fulfillment Shipping Zones Map

Say goodbye to sky-high shipping costs! Our strategic warehouse locations enable us to leverage cost-effective shipping options, resulting in significant savings for you and your customers as well as far faster delivery times. Virtually all of the United States is a zone four shipment or below when you distribute your inventory across our multiple fulfillment centers. Start maximizing your profits today with multi-location order fulfillment solutions from PackYak.


Why PackYak is the Right Fulfillment Center For Your Business

  • Amazing International Shipping Rates
  • No Long Term Contracts
  • Multi-location Order Fulfillment
  • Affordable Fulfillment Center Storage
  • Transparent Billing Practices
  • Instant Client Support
  • One-Click Integrations
  • Reliable Order Fulfillment
  • Easy-to-Use Web Dashboard
  • A super cool Yak to fulfill your orders!

Proven Fulfillment Center Solutions for eCommerce Brands

3PL Reviews

“Doing an amazing job in all areas of their fulfillment work, including communication. We have never had any issues and they have always gone the extra mile to accommodate every new change in our supply chain with ease."

Ellis Achim


""We love working with PackYak! As a business based in Singapore, we feel like PackYak has been an extension of our team with how responsible and communicative they are. Our orders have been packed incredibly fast and shipping costs are reasonable too. Highly recommend them!"

Yoyo Zheng, 

Good Totes